- All Donations Help. EVERY Donation gets Resv slot and Skins ( Skins CS:S Only. For Now ) ua.fund@gmail.com

- Donations (April 2018) 28% Received

- Thanks For the Donations (April 2018) starman,MeatBag,2dP Evil Hatorade,Borgireland,deminicus,


- No hacks, cheats, exploits, or ghosting.
- Absolutley no racism, including the use of slurs or spraying of images by ANYBODY!
- Breaking any rules can and WILL get you banned as log files are reviewed for chat.
- Being AFK WILL get you Moved to Spectator Push M to Rejoin a Team.
- Type !autoarm to Setup You're Weapons and Gear. Type !restock to get More Ammo.
- To Use You're Parachute Hold Down You're USE Key.
- No FF All Talk is on Only When Dead The Living Cannot Hear the the Dead.
- You can !nominate a Map to be in the Next Map Vote Just Type !NOMINATE in Chat.
- Every Map runs 7 Wins or 25 Minutes. Whatever Comes First. Vote Will Start At 6 Wins
- Teams Will Auto Balance Every Round

Reporting Problems

- Report admin abuse to VampeD :: Join the UA steam Group.
- Report cheaters to any admins:
- Submit a ban by clicking here.
- Alternatively, post in our forums by clicking here.

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- UAC : Server Info and ip's