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CSS Server. Urban Assault - No Awps/Auto's !Autoarm
UAC Ventrilo

Welcome to Urban Assault Clan. Urban Assault has been around for more than 14 years playing online multiplayer games like Counter Strike Source.

Urban Assault Clan

The goal of Urban Assault is to allow our members and guests enjoy a relaxed and welcoming gaming environment. Our flagship server is a 40 player Counter Strike Source stock and custom maps.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Urban Assault, register on the forums [ Link Click Me ] and check out our 'How to join Urban Assault FAQ'. We are actively recruiting members who are active on the server and forums.

Join the UA Steam Group [ Link Click Me ]
Join the UA BF3 Platoon [ Link Click Me ]

CSS: UA-Clan.Com | Recruiting | [ Link Click Me ]
BF1942: BF1942 link in Downloads ( [ Link Click Me ] ) [ Link Click Me ]

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