NFT Gaming - Free to Play MMO

NFT Gaming – Free to Play MMO

If you’re looking for a new free-to-play MMO, NFT gaming is a great choice. The gaming platform offers more than a dozen games, including Sandbox, Gods Unchained, Upland, Illuvium, and more. In addition to a large variety of characters and settings, NFT also offers players the opportunity to earn valuable NFT assets. Players earn these resources through team building and completing dungeon quests. The resources can then be turned into profit or used to craft items. Players are also encouraged to engage in community development, which helps them build communities and work towards mutual prosperity.


In Upland, players have the opportunity to purchase real estate and collect coins. In play to earn gaming it can also purchase plots of open land at reduced rates. In addition, they can also engage in treasure hunting activities to gain coins and NFTs. Although these currencies cannot be traded outside the game, they do give players a lot of advantages when playing.

Players can also use transport between cities. These services vary in cost, depending on their origin and end destination. There are several airports in Manhattan and San Francisco where players can fly to their desired destination. The journey takes about an hour. Moreover, players can make 1-for-1 trades to increase their portfolios of Upland NFTs.

The official currency of Upland is the UPX. It can be bought with fiat currency or can be earned as interest from a property. Players can also collaborate with other Uplanders through Telegram and Discord. However, it should be noted that UPX will only be convertible to real money once it’s deemed ready. This feature will be released to the public in 2021.

NFT Gaming - Free to Play MMO


NFT gaming is a free to play sandbox game that runs on the Ethereum network. It allows users to build, play and sell voxel assets. The game is similar to the popular Roblox and Minecraft apps. Players earn cryptocurrency by playing games and building their own creations. They can also trade them on the Sandbox marketplace.

The game is made with an open-world and a sandbox. It has tools to help players build lands and create their own game mechanics. They can even monetize their experiences by renting out their LAND to other builders. This is just one of the many ways that this game has the potential to be a major player attraction.

In addition to the sandbox game, NFT gaming also has several other games involving the metaverse. The popular game Axie Infinity has more than two million players and is growing in popularity daily. Another game aimed at an infinite metaverse is The Parallel. The game is still in the token sale phase, but it is offering mystery boxes of varying rarity and earning opportunities through the PRL token.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play tactical collectible card game based on NFT and Ethereum technology. It focuses on competitive play where players must use strategic planning and build powerful decks to defeat their opponents. The game’s digital items, known as NFTs, can be traded and used in battles just like real cards.

NFT Gaming - Free to Play MMO

The reward system in Gods Unchained is based on the play-to-earn model, which means that you can earn rewards by winning ranked tournaments. This model is shared by several blockchain gaming projects. For instance, you can earn a lot of Flux if you can win matches with all six gods. Flux is also earned daily by playing the game, and it will help you unlock special cards.

You can choose between six preset decks in Gods Unchained, each aligned with a different god. Then, you can mix and match cards to customize your deck. After you’ve chosen your deck and loadout, you can press “Play” to begin the game. In Gods Unchained, you can also buy card packs and chests to enhance your collection. You can buy them directly from the official site or from third-party marketplaces.


Players will receive rewards by mining Illuvium tokens. These are used to pay for in-game items. Players can get up to three million Illuvium tokens through the staking process. These can be used immediately or staked to receive rewards in the game.

The game has a lot to offer, from deep progression to a budding economy. But it’s important to remember that developers Kieran Warwick and Aaron Warwick have little experience with game development, and there have been several delays. Despite the setbacks, Illuvium has been gaining significant momentum over the past few years.

One of the game’s biggest features is its Illuvials, rare and valuable items found deep in the world. These items can be used to craft gear, harvest organic resources, and capture rare creatures.